A Positive Approach to Good Health

Laying the Foundation for Total Health

With Chiropractic’s focus on the relationship between the nervous system and the spine as the source of health, chiropractic treats the cause of the problem rather than just the symptom. A malfunction in the spine often results in many symptoms, such as pain, headache, muscle spasm and a generalized feeling of uneasiness.  After a complete history and thorough exam, Dr. Ferch seeks to resolve pain and restore the health of the nervous system.  This is done by gently and skillfully adjusting the vertebrae to remove the pressure of interference from the nervous system.  Research undeniably shows that lifestyle has a significant impact of health and wellbeing.  Therefore, we offer lifestyle coaching with our wellness program.  Dr. Ferch takes the time necessary to accurately assess each patient’s concerns and personalize treatment to meet their specific needs.  After a complete history is taken and thorough exam is performed, additional tests deemed necessary will be ordered.  Courses of treatment are discussed with the patient and if appropriate, a referral is made to other qualified health care professionals.

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