Dr. Gregory E. Ferch, Chiropractor


Dear Dr. Ferch & Readers,

My name is Christine. Approximately 3 ½ to 4 years ago, I was involved in a four-car accident. I was injured with back and neck strain and internal abdominal hemorrhaging. I underwent approximately 1 ½ years of treatment, from 15-20 different doctors at various times and surgery.

For most of this time period, I was on prescription pain medications and the pain never completely would go away. During the course of recovering and getting back to normal, I was referred to Dr. Ferch by a friend. I began chiropractic care for several weeks and was able to cut back on the medications and was at the point where my pain was minimal to moderate and always improved with chiropractic care.

There during office visits at Ferch Family Chiropractic I became more aware of my body and the shifts I’d feel to know I needed to come in. Now, initially I wasn’t too keen on the whole theory of chiropractic care and I figured I was better. However, there came a point after all these doctors appointments - I was maintaining - when out of the blue I started to get what I though was “just a headache” but it didn’t subside. It became so severe I went to the emergency room two times because all I could do was cry it hurt so bad! I had become emotionally unavailable for my 6 year old daughter. I was angry and tired all the time. This headache went on for an entire month during which I’d been seen by my family doctor and associates and a Primary Health Neurologist and was given different prescriptions for pain for migraines. In total, I was seen by 9 different health care facilities with no answers. I was so sick of taking pills! I had trouble breathing, my arm would tingle and go numb and lastly for all intent and purposes I became half blind. I couldn’t focus my vision. It looked like the test the eye doctor gives when he says look at these two boxes and when they become one tell me. Well, my boxes never became one. It was so severe that at one point when my heart, neck, shoulder hurt and I couldn’t breathe. I was at a point where I was telling my 6 year old that if I fell down while grocery shopping, to go get help and call 911.

Next, I went to an Ophthalmologist with no results who then suggested an MRI. I wasn’t able to drive myself anywhere because I couldn’t see properly. I was very frustrated with doctors and ready to give up but I figured I would call Dr. Ferch being he had helped with my back and neck pain earlier in the year and well I figured medical doctors weren’t helping. I told Dr. Ferch it’s been a migraine that hasn’t gone away. I honestly didn’t think to call a chiropractor for a headache. Dr. Ferch explained pain is usually the last symptom. Then I became a believer of chiropractic care.

Dr. Ferch examined my eyes and stated the same others had, “My pupils weren’t responding properly.” I explained the events in the last month and then Dr. Ferch did my adjustment and rechecked my eyes afterwards, only 30 minutes after I’d walked into the office there was a subtle difference after the adjustment. I came back 2 days in a row at which point my eyes were beginning to focus.

It was wonderful to be able to see again. Dr. Ferch explained it was a pinched nerve, which was affecting the blood flow to my optic nerve and also causing my difficulty breathing and other symptoms. I stopped all the pain medications and continued to receive treatment from Dr. Ferch. I wore a patch over one eye alternating for about 3 weeks and friends took me to work and appointments.

Finally, after a few weeks, I was able to resume my normal daily life. Like I said: I became a believer in chiropractic care and continue chiropractic care for maintenance and overall well-being on a semi–regular basis. Thank you Dr. Ferch, you have literally changed my life.


Christine Eubanks

The main reason I found a chiropractor was my back and neck hurt so bad it affected my everyday health. Then Doctor Ferch was recommended by my health insurance provider: Blue Cross-True Blue. So I made my first appointment and have been coming back ever since. He has helped me tremendously! I saw a chiropractor in the nineteen eighties when I did last have insurance but he moved out of town. I am happy!

Lynne Davis

As a long time patient of chiropractic, I mostly thought of it helping with back pain or headaches. After stubbing me left little toe, I thought I had broken it.

After still suffering pain for almost six months, I mentioned to Dr. Ferch that it was giving me pain when I walked. After a quick adjustment, the long time pain was gone. Thanks, Dr. Greg Ferch!

I am a bowler, and had my thumb stick in the bowling ball, causing much pain and swelling. I had an appointment with Dr. Ferch to help with a headache and I showed him my thumb, which by this time had fever in it. After a quick adjustment, it was as good as new. It is amazing to me all the many relief we can receive from chiropractic care. Thanks, Dr. Greg Ferch!

Barbara Dugger

I sometimes have stiffness in my neck. I wake up without full range of motion when moving my neck from side to side. After one treatment from a chiropractor I walk out of the office with full range of motion restored.

In the past I suffered from sharp pains running down my leg. It would continue to get worse & leave me limping with each step I took. After one or two chiropractic treatments this pain would be relieved & I would be back to normal.

I am a strong believer in chiropractic medicine!

Vicki Ebersberger

I was Dr. Ferch’s first patient when he purchased Fox Chiropractic Clinic from the late Dr. Fox’s wife. I have found Dr. Ferch’s chiropractic treatment very helpful. Especially when I was working- standing on cement at Northwest Printing. Also, as the stress of divorce and bankruptcy increased, tension in my neck and back developed adding headaches, pain, and more stress to my life. Chiropractic adjustment has worked to eliminate the headaches and helped reduce the neck and back pain. I appreciate being able to review information on vitamins, minerals, and herbs which have helped me be able to avoid prescription medication. My first choice is to go to Dr. Ferch’s chiropractic clinic before even thinking of going to a medical doctor.

Geneva P. (Genney) Jones

As a Massage Therapist I understand how Massage and Chiropractic goes hand in hand. I have been coming to Dr. Ferch for 8 years now and will continue for many more. Since my son was born he too has been receiving chiropractic care since he was 4 days old. We have only had a common cold and 2 fevers during the 18 months since his birth. I know it’s in part due to Dr. Ferch’s great care along with the other alternative health options we follow. We love Dr. Ferch and are grateful he is an expert in his field and helps keep us healthy the natural way.

Sommers Gerratt


He is our second child. He has been such a blessing. Jeremiah has always been a pretty mellow baby ( our way of saying lazy) At about 5 months old we began to notice he was a bit too mellow. He wasn’t rolling over and absolutely hated lying on his stomach. A friend at church mentioned chiropractic care. I was a bit skeptical. For some reason people have this preconceived notion that baby’s bodies are different than adults. Fortunately someone has discovered otherwise.

So I brought him into Dr. Perch (what my family calls him). My husband and I were amazed. After his first adjustment he rolled over and he slept through that night. Hallelujah! Jere3miah had been waking up and astonishing 5 times a night. We were so impressed with this change that our “what do we have to lose” attitude became “we have so much to gain!”

Here was three months later continuing chiropractic care. Jeremiah has changed so much. He is so joyful, people comment, “he is the smiliest baby!” He not only rolls over, but under, along, and around. Jeremiah is sitting up and has mastered crawling. At 8 months old he is standing and attempting to walk!

The Lord has blessed us with a great chiro guy- thanks “Dr. Ferch.

-Amanda (Mom)

I lifted my garage door but it was frozen to the ground and I had hurt my back. The first thing I did was to call Dr. Ferch. It is unbelievable how much he helped me. I still see him, but I am doing great. I told my friends about him and I hope that they will see him.

- Klara